Chair of the Board of Directors

Mike MartinDepartment of Psychology Gerontopsychology - University of
Michael RistowDepartment of Health Sciences and Technology - ETH


Abraham BernsteinDepartment of Informatics – University of
Ernst HafenDepartment of Biology - ETH
Effy VayenaDepartment of Health Sciences and Technology - ETH
Claudia WittInstitute of Complementary and Integrative Medicine - University of


Dirk HelbingDepartment of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences - ETH


Rosy MondardiniManaging
Fanny Gutsche JonesCommunity
Marcel TannerUX Designer / Frontend
Marina GagettiAdmin


Membership at the Citizen Science Center Zurich is open to professors with research groups at the two founding Institutions, leaders of research groups from other universities or public-legal institutions, and individual researchers and students.
Researchers at both UZH and ETHZ have a strong track record in citizen science, participatory research, and citizen science-related fields such as artificial intelligence, social science and the law. Currently the Center has a scientific community of more than 200 researchers in fields ranging epidemiology, psychology, geography, neurosciences, and more. Combining these researchers’ expertise represents a unique opportunity for synergy.

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