The Open Seventeen Challenge

Coaching for Citizen Science Innovation

O17 is a challenged-based, online interactive coaching programme to help young global innovators connect and shape good ideas into viable social innovation projects for the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). O17 supports projects that encourage grassroots public participation and citizen science through the use of open data and crowdsourcing.
The Challenge is a joint initiative with the Citizen Cyberlab at University of Geneva, and the Governance Lab at New York University.

The SDG Crowdsourcing Toolkit

Crowdsourcing Sustainable Development

The SDG Crowdsourcing Toolkit is an ambitious initiative led by CC-CS, in collaboration with the Citizen Cyberlab in Geneva, and aims at positioning Swiss CS at the core of scientific data taking for the SDGs. It will provide a set of open and flexible tools that feature the functionalities required by the most common CS projects, and that can integrate existing platforms and communities. All tools contribute data to a structured and easily accessible database, that - by making data sharing seamless - will facilitate cross-pollination of projects and initiatives.

To know more, please contact the CS Center’s team.

Snake ID Challenge

The Citizen Science Center Zurich is collaborating with several Swiss and international partners on a support tool for snake identification based on crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence.

Snakebite causes over 100,000 human deaths and 400,000 victims of disability and disfigurement globally every year, due to limited medical expertise in herpetology and limited access to antivenoms. To reduce potentially erroneous and/or delayed healthcare actions, the Snake App (SnApp) will combine computer vision with the expertise from a network of professional and non-professional herpetologists to identify photos of snakes. This app will serve as an educational and capacity-building platform for both citizens and healthcare professionals around the world, it will improve scientist’s understanding of snakebites and reinforce health systems in snakebite endemic countries.

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