Our Projects


MitrendS Study

The MitrendS study will help researchers to gain a deeper, more differentiated knowledge of the individual progression of the disease and symptoms of MS.


Snake ID Challenge

Fall is here! You can take advantage of the cooler weather to test and refine your identification skills with the second phase of the SnakeID challenge.

Wild Life Research

Weasel Wanted

At various locations we have set up boxes equipped with a wildlife camera. The pictures give us an insight into the visitors of the box.


Project Wenker

Our first Citizen Science Project is in the field of linguistics. By transcribing and translating swiss sentences from the 1930s, you help researchers understand how Swiss German changed during the past 100 years.


Geschlechts­spezifische Hassausdrücke (german only)

Um unsere Ziele zu erreichen, bitten wir um Ihre Hilfe. In einem ersten Schritt (Identifikation) geht es darum, möglichst viele Texte anzuschauen und nach möglichen geschlechtsspezifischen Hassausdrücken zu suchen.


Cause of Health

Health and wellbeing are different in each individual and depend on the genome, the environment and behavior of each individual (Health Triangle). In order to understand the causes of health we need large sets of health-relevant data from a large number of people.

Partner's Projects

CrowdWater at the university of Zurich aims to examine the potential of crowdsourcing in the field of hydrology. The focus lies on water level, streamflow and soil moisture data. The aim of the project is to collect a large amount of data and to improve the forecast of hydrological events, such as droughts or floods.

The Stop Hate Speech project works against hostility and discrimination on the Internet. Using an algorithm that learns from an active community, Hate Speech is tracked down in the net and rejected by the community. Thus, an acute and global problem is tackled locally and innovatively.

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