Conducting Citizen Science Projects

Traditional Citizen Science projects involve members of the public in gathering data (often geo-located) via mobile or sensing technologies, or in analysing existing data via interactive and highly visual web interfaces. In an increasing number of cases the public is also involved in other phases of the research process, including the definition of the research questions, the interpretation of results, and the final dissemination of conclusions.
In the past two decades, citizen science has gained tremendous popularity both with scientists and the public, and citizen science projects span today a wide range of research topics.

We are always happy to brainstorm and discuss how we can change the world with Citizen Science! If you have an idea for a project, get in touch with us. We can help you evaluate it and potentially provide you with expertise and tools to develop, set up, and run your project.

What we offer

Interactive Tools

A Web platform and a smartphone app to support scientists and citizens with the implementation and evaluation of Citizen Science projects.


A community of citizens and scientists to cultivate collaboration and dialogue between the public, academia, industry, and politics.


Theoretical, practical, legal and ethical guidelines and standards for the design, planning and implementation of Citizen Science projects.

Requirement Check

We provide you with a set of agreed criteria for the transparent selection of Citizen Science projects, that wish to be supported by the Center.

Phases of a Citizen Science Project

In order to facilitate an agreed and transparent functioning of the Center, we provide you with a predefined process to propose and set up a Citizen Science project in collaboration with the Center.

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