Digital Brown Bag Lunch: The Future of Citizen Science: Inter-Stitching Human Learning and Machine Learning?

Wed, 6.5.2020, 12:15–13:15

Carsten Østerlund, Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, New York

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The presentation will discuss the benefits and challenges of integrating Machine Learning (ML) into citizen science projects while maintain a dynamic division of labor that benefits the volunteers’ learning and motivation. Drawing on the project as an example, we will describe how volunteers assist in the search of gravitational waves by training a ML unit to find glitches in data from the advanced laser interferometer gravitational-wave observatory (LIGO). We designed the project so it would allow for changes to take place in the relationship between the human and the machine as both get better at distinguishing increasingly subtle abnormalities in the gravitational wave data. Build on the platform, Gravity Spy has to date attracted more than 17,000 participants classifying millions of glitches.

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Brown Bag Lunches

The Brown Bag Lunches series has become a regular occasion to meet the research community, and a good setting to discuss and learn about the various approaches to Citizen Science and related projects and activities. Our agenda includes updates on the Center, presenters from the local Citizen Science community, and international guests.

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