Lunch Talk: StadtWildTiere (Urban Wildlife) and Wilde Nachbarn (Wild Neighbors): Monitoring wildlife at the intersection of public awareness, research, and nature conservation

Wed, 28.10.2020, 12:15–13:15

Anouk-Lisa Taucher, SWILD – Urban Ecology & Wildlife Research

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Most urban dwellers are unaware of the vast diversity of wild neighbors they share their habitat with. In the citizen science projects StadtWildTiere and Wilde Nachbarn we want to raise awareness of the nature right in front of people’s doorsteps. While awareness is a crucial step towards conservation, taking action requires evidence-based knowledge. Anouk Taucher will present the two platforms, which focus on urban and suburban mammals, and will provide examples of completed projects which have successfully addressed wildlife research questions with the help of the public.

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