Citizen Science Introduction: First steps in a participatory research process

Wed, 25.11.2020, 9:00–17:30

Petra Biberhofer, PhD, Partizipative Wissenschaftsakademie
Ruth Förster, Dr. sc. ETHZ, dr. ruth förster training & beratung, Leitung saguf Arbeitsgruppe Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

Universität Zürich, RAA-E-30, Rämistrasse 59, 8006 Zürich

How can we apply participatory methods and procedures in research? Which competences and skills are important for process design and facilitation of participatory research processes?

In order to solve complex problems, the involvement of citizens is crucial in participatory research and at the same time challenging, e.g. in order to reach the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Designing and facilitating research processes professionally allows to prepare the right working environment in order to support all involved people to reach the envisaged goals.

In this workshop you will be enabled to develop basis competences for process design and facilitation of knowledge co-production through participatory research in different research contexts or fields. We will interactively discuss challenges and principles of good participatory process design and facilitation and test diverse methods and tools. Based on these experiences we want to support you to plan and implement participatory design, methods and tools in your individual research context. Therefore, we will combine theoretical inputs with “learning by doing” in interactive exercises, in group work and plenary discussions. We will integrate the participants’ implementation contexts for participatory research which may e.g. be research projects, decision making, policy-development or implementation.

The course is offered by the Participatory Science Academy in cooperation with the UZH Graduate Campus. Participation is open to doctoral students and postdocs from all universities and practitioners. Further information.

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